Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to this world, my precious child

At long last you have arrived, my precious child,
Lighting up the world like the morning sun,
Radiating with warmth, joy and innocence,
Indicriminate in your kindness as you descend upon this earth;
Your laughter echoes to the four corners of the universe,
Filling our hearts with love and liberation,
How incomparable you are in this glorious moment!
Like morning dew drops on parched, hungry lips,
you bless us with your effervescent grace,
My child, my precious child of the sun,
So finally you have arrived!
How long we have waited to rejoice in this day,
To take you in our strong and gentle arms;
See how love, protection and thoughts of wellbeing,
surround you in whispy, sparkling clouds,
How we love to watch you laugh, my precious one,
Messnger of peace to the universe,
Your eyes now shine with a trust in life,
once deemed lost to a desperate world;
Oh my little one, watch the clouds part for you,
with every sacred step you take,
Feel the springs rise up from this blessed earth,
encircling you in islands of deep love and care,
How we love to watch you sleep under a promogranade tree,
in the gaze of a thousand more adoring eyes,
Welcome to this world, my precious child!
Feel the winds sweep you up in spirals of ecstacy,
With proclamations of joy for the whole wide world to hear!
With your cries of glee you have awoken a thousand more,
Rejoicing in the shade of your tree in the mid day sun,
as streams of water encircle in loving arms,
You have arrived long last, my loving child!
All is now good, as it always was :- D

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