Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Water Birds

To touch the golden crops of yonder in wide Elysian fields,
My heart it yearns to kiss those furls and petals with fingertips,
The scents that waft across my face tell tales of long ago,
The smile that spreads across my lips speak words I've never known,
The sands that lift my heavy feet are grains of treasure troves,
The wet, dark grass that lies beyond pulsates with life and more;
To touch the earth and hear it call in every voice I've known,
The waves that crash upon my feet allure to depths below,
The rays that dare to reach such depths sing songs of heavenly shores,
The sea spray leaps when lovers meet with secrets that you know,
This Piscean world is so foreign to me,Yet here I feel at home,
Were you once one with the birds above in times we've never known?

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