Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shore (Nothing)

My eyes sting with familiarity
I'm back again at your shore
Or is it really your shore?
Maybe it's just a memory, a fleeting thought, not more
twisted and projected on the desert mind once more
The sand storms blind and I cry out for a comforting mirage of home
My body trembles as the dust is swept to uncover once more, I know
I have been here before...yes I've been here before...
How many lonely nights have I waited at your port?
You were always with me, always there...and yet I wanted more
Dazed in a dance of ecstasy, life and what more
Dazed in a spiral of bliss, spiraling on to your shore
But it's just a daze...don't you feel?, can't you heal? don't you know?
Lost track of times you buried me at your ever hungry shore
Lost track of times the dust fell off and within there's nothing more
Lost track of times the tears fell down and crashed upon your shore
So how can I keep coming back, keep coming to your shore?

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