Friday, December 5, 2008


Spinning on your axis, in motion round the sun
Rotating and revolving around his holy son
Stuck in orbit, incomplete, just want to face his sun
Long before I met you, this orbit had begun

All who dare to cross your path are satellites to be hung
Like diapers on a clothes line, all of them you strung
There I waited patiently, mere moon to a planet young
Wasted in to empty space, all the songs I'd sung

But from the dream, to be awake and know that I have won
For not a moon nor satellite, I am the brilliant sun!
No more longing or pretense to slaves of a distant sun
No satellite to dependent planets, I am the glorious sun!

There you go on orbiting, orbiting round his sun
So you revolve as does your world, it's not a mere pun
Free at last I shine away, leaving you to your sun
You were where you wish to be, long before my sun :-)

1 comment:

niroshinie said...

awesome! i only wish we'd always have the courage to be a sun and not be afraid to shine..