Saturday, January 3, 2009


Fear that it will be forgotten
That you will wander again, only to stumble on those rocks
You tripped on yesterday
Just climbing that sentry post to watch
In silence and disbelief
All the pain, torture, battery, cruelty, flogging and "justice"
All that which was executed with perfect conviction, obsession and fervor
Down there on the vast landscape of your memory, consciousness and experience
Which world does this bloody, beaten, wounded and wailing landscape belong to?
Who reigns here in this twisted dungeon built so faithfully in paradise?
Who lashes, shouts, abuses, flogs, burns, gores, cuts, strangles and suffocates?
Who is the master of this realm, built so passionately with bricks
of sins, mistakes, allegations, sentences, evictions, banishment, penance and shame
No notion of fair trial where guilt's the certain life and way
All based on firm conviction from scriptures that you make
How can you be so merciless, clever architect of hell?
Let me see your face, I won't run again
Won't hide, won't kick, won't shout, won't fret
My companion night and day
Let me see your face as you convulse in pain again
It's you I clearly see...It's you...It is me...

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