Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wounded Soldier

Wrote this when I was around 12/13. Most of us were born to this war... It suddenly popped in to mind in light of where we are.... Feel it's appropriate to finally post this....

When glad at last as a bird set free
I wandered in to the world
Which was long forgotten
and will not be seen by many again...

But then there was sorrow in my guilty heart
For I could hear the inhuman thunder sticks
roll upon my friends, taking their lives away
These words, they all still ring in my head
"Turn back, turn back and fight for your friends
Go back, go back and save them"
But I maybe the last soldier left....

Amidst the fire balls and thick black smoke
I return to the battle field again
it is better to finish the job I came for
Though I may never see the sunlight again....

(This is a tribute for those who fought, who bled, who fell, who ran, who hid, who returned, who stood and bled...this is for you...)

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niroshinie said...

I was going to suggest that you put this on ur blog! Great writing!
Oh and BTW.. TAG you're IT!.